How Does COVID-19 Impact Life Insurance?

End of Life Planning – Insurance to Cover the Final Costs

Who pays when you die? If you haven’t made provisions, there will be debt hanging over someone’s head for the privilege of having you around… Don’t make that your children. Pick up the tab and provide coverage for those last and final decisions.

Risk Management in a Life Insurance Company – An Overview

Risk management is a well known concept in life insurance and many of its basic principles are as old as the insurance industry itself. The majority of companies already have some form of risk management process in place. However, in recent years, there has been significant progress in developing and formalizing these processes and even in using them for regulatory purpose.

Getting an Affordable Life Insurance in 2015

It is not as easy as you might think to understand life insurance. Companies have different way to check your health status and calculate the risks involved. This is why you should follow some of these tips and discover the life insurance that costs the least.

Choosing The Best Life Insurance Cover

Life insurance is important both to you and to your family. It comes with benefits which includes taking the burden off your family when you are no longer around. It offers some financial security and gives you assurance that they will do just fine even in your absence. This makes it very important to choose a policy that offers you the right coverage for the benefits to be enjoyed by everyone in your circle. With so many options today as far as types of policies are concerned, you will need to consider several factors, so you are left with the best policy in the end.

Top Six Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Life Insurance

1. It’s sold by insurance agents: Let’s be honest, most people that sell insurance aren’t looked at much better than a car salesman or attorney. Actually, insurance is not about being “bought or sold,” it was meant to be about people working together as a “team” to “manage risk.” Because that’s what insurance is… a transference of risk. Nobody likes to be “sold” to, but peace of mind, well that’s different.

Affordable Life Insurance for People Over 70

When purchasing a life insurance policy, one has to think very carefully and choose the policy that best matches their needs; especially so if one happens to be a senior. People over the age of 70 have many issues to consider, but their options are limited. Despite that, they could still get a good coverage to help pay for their needs and also to ensure financial stability for their families.

What Questions Should You Ask BEFORE You Buy an Annuity?

The Financial Industry has done a great job in taking such a simple word, annuity and made it’s definition so confusing that we spend more time explaining what it isn’t than how they really work. This article explains through facts wrapped around an anecdotal story why the answer is more in the questions than it is in the fancy marketing brochure. The Life Insurance industry is the largest industry in the world by a lot. In fact if you took the next 3 biggest industries oil, banking and technology it is still smaller than life insurance. So, the real question you should be asking about an annuity? Read the article…

Economics Of Life Insurance

When you buy life insurance, you are making sure that in the event of your passing, your loved ones and dependents will be able to maintain the lifestyle they were used to during your lifetime. You can also make sure that there are enough finances to meet the future growing needs of your family.

Part of the Sandwich Generation? Life Insurance Can Help

There are many reasons life insurance is important to someone in the “sandwich generation”. So what is the “sandwich generation?” This term refers to those of us who have our own children to care for, and are also providing care for our parents.

Designing A Life Insurance Portfolio

A diversified life insurance portfolio should be a part of every business owner’s long-term financial plan and exit strategy. Here’s what it should include.

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